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16. Mar 2011

I like marketing. I love making videos. I enjoy the challenge of starting a new business. I am delighted to announce my new sideproject (Seems like I can’t get enough of those :-) ) (Tootevideo means Product Video).

If you need to introduce a new product on Estonian market, then feel free to contact me or the team of Tootevideo. We are offering professional video presentations combined with internet marketing. You’ll get video plus views with minimal cost.

Product videos would be shared throughout the world wide web

Social Media and partners

Your video will be shared in our official product blog and on our partner websites (Nupsu, Pere24, Raseduskalender, etc.). It will also be sent to international social media (Facebook, Youtube etc.) and local social media (Toru, Nupsu etc.) websites.

In Tootevideo we prepare our presentations carefully so every detail would be covered. Easy to follow and loaded with information, that’s the way we do it. When people are still deciding whether to buy or not then our videos will encourage them to make the right decision :-)

Video product presentations start from as low as 400€ and is a MUST HAVE when you are trying to raise the awareness about your product and get more sales.

Kaarel Veike

I am the owner and managing director of a video production company called VideoPartner. I have a strong marketing background. I have worked with startups and big companies to help them reach their goals.

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