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Product video presentations

16. märts 2011

I like marketing. I love making videos. I enjoy the challenge of starting a new business. I am delighted to announce my new sideproject (Seems like I can’t get enough of those 🙂 ) (Tootevideo means Product Video). If you need to introduce a new product on Estonian market, then feel free to contact […]

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No one is irreplaceable

9. märts 2011

Let’s not forget when people remind you that you’re not irreplaceable and new crews or teams can be formed, built or assembled, that this is absolutely true. These thoughts, remarks, notions usually appear under pressure. But you should not feel bad about these notes. As those lines may come up in the content where you […]

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Too tired to sleep

25. veebr. 2011

I’ve had problems with sleeping since Vincent was born. For first months I was just watching my wife and my son sleep. Sometimes I tapped on Maria’s shoulder to say that she is too close to Vince and if she turns she might hurt our baby :-). I was probably insomniac. This changed though in few […]

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Currently wrapping up NUKU website for it’s launch this weekend

9. veebr. 2011

Estonian State Puppet & Youth Theatre aka NUKU was founded by my grandfather Ferdinand Veike in 1952. These days NUKU is more than a theatre.  It organizes musicals (Grease, Risk, Romeo & Juliet etc.) and festivals. It’s an interactive Museum of Puppet Arts. The Estonian office of UNIMA, the Union Internationale de la Marionnette or Worldwide Puppetry Organisation, […]

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