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Time flies

3. juuli 2012

Jah, 2 aastat võib minna kiiremini, kui eales arvata oskad. Kas ma olin selle aja jooksul hea isa? Kas ma sain lubada oma lapse seda, mida ta vajas? Ma soovin, et oleksin olnud parem, kuid eks järgnevad aastad on mul aega end parandada. Palju õnne sulle Lopa, kuid ärme unusta, et nii nagu me ise […]

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Insanity Fit test results

7. mai 2012

I am not a big fan of going crazy with the crowds but a challange? I am always up for a good challange. And that is what it’s all about. I am 30 years old now and got a small “beer belly”, and sometimes my back hurts as i work behind the computer a lot. […]

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To whom i write my blog?

10. jaan. 2012

Is it me? Do I write this blog for myself? Or is it for my friends and family? What about my job and marketing? Or the people out there with same hopes and dreams, worries and interests? I haven’t figured it out so that is the biggest reason why this blog is lacking nice design, […]

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WordPress 3.3 takes on Tumblr

13. dets. 2011

I like Tumblr too but let’s face it, the world is a better place because of WordPress. Now WP 3.3 gives you back the content that you own. I am not sure how bad it will hurt Tumblr but I believe it’s pretty big blow for them. For us it was really important to get […]

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