Autoriarhiiv: Kaarel Veike


WordCamp Europe 2013 – Tobias Bäthge interview

We did this interview before the others but then because of the wifi problems in the De Waag building we moved our things to Stadgehoorzaal. Because of the scenery changes I had to leave Tobias out of the main video. So I will release his interview separately. Tobias Bäthge is the founder of TablePress. I use his plugin very often on the websites we create at iPenelo. So if you don’t know the plugin go and check it out. It’s free but if you love it then feel free to support the guy by donating and giving good feedback :-)

If you like the video or you just wish to say something then I would be glad to see it in the comment section below.

NB! WordCamp Europe was an amazing event and a I am really happy that I got to meet some very cool people there.

NBB! I will also post soon about WordCamp Sevilla 2013 where I attended as a speaker.

Thank you for WordCamp Europe 2013


Here are the people that organized WordCamp Europe 2013. Thank you for making it happen!

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PREP videos

I am a huge fan of PREP programs. I love education but relationship education is a whole new level of knowledge. Imagine a smarter and better you and a smarter and better partner and happier life – this is what PREP does. It educates you and throught that improves your relationship. It’s research based and tested. It’s pure gold!