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Insanity Fit test results

I am not a big fan of going crazy with the crowds but a challange? I am always up for a good challange. And that is what it’s all about. I am 30 years old now and got a small “beer belly”, and sometimes my back hurts as i work behind the computer a lot. This has nothing to do with Maria going to “Chip n’ dale” show in London… – I made it sound like a joke but actually it’s true :-). Although she might have injected something in my brain to get me on this track.

I just don’t like to think that I was at my best shape half-life-ago. So I will do it in 60 days, get my body in good state, lose the belly and replace it with 6-pack and get rid of my back problems.

Here are the results.

My results (Kaarel) Week 1 Week 3 Week 5 Week 7 Final results
Switch kicks 80 112 137 x x
Power Jacks 53 62 67 x x
Power Knees 79 100 110 x x
Power Jumps 23 35 50 x x
Globe Jumps 9 11 11 x x
Suicide Jumps 17 19 19 x x
Push-Up Jacks 25 30 34 x x
Low Plank Oblique 50 55 60 x x

And my wife joined me. Here are her results. First week she almost got zero of everything and almost started to throw up. But she is diggin deep now and has become much better. She has been struggling with weight a bit – this is typical to 99% of the women who have given birth to 2 kids :-).

Maria’s results Week 1 Week 3 Week 5 Week 7 Final results
Switch kicks 70 120 125 x x
Power Jacks ? 65 65 x x
Power Knees ? 100 120 x x
Power Jumps ? 46 48 x x
Globe Jumps ? 11 12 x x
Suicide Jumps ? 14 14 x x
Push-Up Jacks ? 15 18 x x
Low Plank Oblique ? 84 89 x x