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Going to watch all the Youtube videos

Few years back i made a movie marathon and watched 24 season 2-5 in 3-4 days. Way back before that I watched few seasons of Dawsons Creek while recovering from the operation in Hospital. And when going few years further back from that time, me and my friends watched the 9-hour tv-series of Roots with just one run…

…and now I thought I would watch all the Youtube movies. If some clips happen to be double, I will watch it twice then. How long it might take? Anyone have done it before? Any suggestions from where to start?

Looking for designers, developers, copywriters

We are constantly looking for great designers, brilliant developers and smart copywriters to team up with us at iPenelo and Plugistan. We have just launched our service but we grow rapidly and you could be a part of this journey.


a) You need to know Photoshop
b) Have a unique vision and style and be able to sketch it up
c) Know how to contact us


a) Live and breath PHP, HTML etc.
b) Think before you code and code before you think
c) Love for WordPress
d) Mail us


a) No typos
b) Good point
c) Good at making people want what we have to offer
d) Contact us

Let’s join our forces and make a difference!