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iPenelo – planning, developing and marketing service

iPenelo is the company that has kept me busy for quite a while. We have been working for our clients websites, plugins, solutions and marketing but never had a chance to do some work for ouselves too. We build websites and additional software every day but we didn’t have website for ourselves. As we grow and grow on demand then this seemed more and more absurd as time moved on. Internet company without it’s own website? How crazy is that? Well, when you offer good service, people pass the word forward for you. But better late than never!

So feel free to visit us at

About iPenelo

At iPenelo we love to build fast, easy to use websites. Even complex solutions can be built to be user-friendly. And when we are talking about nowadays web then search engines are one of the most important aspects. When we build websites, we carefully implement smart solutions. We won’t leave your site hanging to get a chance of popping up among billions of websites out there. We use technology to make sure, that your site performs better then the rest. That’s when coding means thinking and thinking comes from experience.

iPenelo makes WordPress plugins

WordPress Popup Plugin – WordPress SimplePop Plus

PopUp Scheduling – You tell him when and where he should pop up.

Design options – Make it light and pretty or dark and snazzy. Endless options!

Automagically grow and shrink based on content – No need for extra hassle. It will perfectly match your content.

As many pops as you want – You can make different pop-ups for every page or post. Or vice versa, you may exclude pages to deactivate it on certain parts of your site. Isn’t it awesome or what?

Easy editing – Edit your PopUp’s content with standard WordPress editor. Millions of people find it easy and we find it perfect!

WordPress Contact Manager Plugin

Contact Manager is the ultimate tool that should find it’s place on every wordpress site. Using it is as easy as breathing. Just install and you’ll see that your site becomes more vivid, professional and fun. And the cool thing is, that it’s so freakin’ easy to customize to match the looks of your website that you most probably will scream “oh yeah” right after you’ve tried it.

WordPress Calendar and Scheduler plugin

We are thinking that this is the best wordpress calendar plugin out there. It’s not officially out yet. Soon, very soon!

More about WordPress plugins

If we can build for thousends, we sure can build for one. Zero tolerance for quality loss, we take your job as important as everything else. May you need a Plug-in for business or personal need, we can build it for you. And as Plugins are part of the site, the veins that the engine pumps it’s juices through, we keep in mind that it should be light to servers, SEO-friendly, userfriendly and as clean and clear as could be.